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We are pleased to offer a customer referral program! We recognize the value of having satisfied customers, and we would like to pass that value on to you. To thank our past customers for new business they generate on our behalf. The program is simple and can be very profitable for you! All you do is refer your friends, neighbors, relatives and even yourself to Solstice Sunrooms & Enclosures Inc.

Purchase (before applicable taxes)

Amount of Reward

$1000 to $2500 $50
$2500 to $5000 $100
$5000 to $7500 $150
$7500 to $10000 $200
$10,000 – up $250

FAQ’s about the referral program

When does your Referral Program take effect?

When can I expect to receive my reward?
Once a contract is signed by your referral and a down-payment is collected, you will receive your cheque from Solstice Sunrooms & Enclosures Inc. It’s that simple.

Can I refer myself? I have a need for additional products?
Yes! We would love the opportunity to serve you again.

Is there a minimum purchase to be eligible for rewards?
Yes. A purchase of $1000 or more will result in a cash reward FOR YOU!

Simply complete and submit the form below to receive your cash reward!!

Referral Submission Form